Reiser FS v4 released!

Claiming to be the fastest journaling linux filesystem to date, reiser4 is now out. Of particular interest is the claimed significant increase in write speed over ext3 and others. I’m not running to switch my ext3 machines over just yet but if in fact it’s true it should help me squeeze a bit more performance out of my MySQL servers. Of course I’m eagerly awaiting a couple unbiased benchmarks.

Playing with CSS

I’ve been playing with the CSS layout of my Blog, the default wordpress one is nice but I want something a little different. Anyway, let me know what you think. back online :-)

It only took 3 months for me to setup my weblog again after moving servers back in June. I decided to go with WordPress over Movable Type due to the recent license changes imposed on newer versions of MT. So far I’ve been impressed with wordpress but we’ll see how it goes.