Windows 11 after 1 week

I recently purchased a new ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen10 which came preloaded with Windows 11 pro. While I understand there were some core TPM and Kernel scheduler enhancements that make use of Intel 12th gen and newer CPU changes (P-Cores and E-Cores) the UI itself is somehow worse. I won’t belabor the point since there are a lot of review on-line already but I found Windows 11 quite frustrating to use.

Sometimes settings are in the new control panel, sometimes they’re hidden in some old control panel that looks like it came from Windows 2000. They’ve managed to make the settings panel such a confusing mess that you basically have to use the search function to find anything. And the constant installing of apps and adds that I didn’t ask for is absolutely infuriating on an operating system I paid for. At this point Microsoft’s platform dominance must just be skating by on inertia.

Lastly, support for scaling and DCI-P3 colour management is sorely lacking. If you have a DCI-P3 panel unless you’re in a colour managed application like Photoshop the rest of the colours are really over-saturated. There doesn’t appear to be an “sRGB” mode in windows. It’s a complete mess.

I’ve had great luck with X1 Carbons running Fedora Linux for work, they’re great laptops with tier 1 hardware. However my experience with Windows 11 was terrible. Long story short I returned that laptop today and I’m likely just going to get a MacBook pro.