Photography YouTube channels

I was recently sharing a list of photography related YouTube channels with a friend and wanted to list them here for reference.

Film Photography

Alternative Process Photography

Photographic Theory and Artistic Process

G.A.S. (Primarily gear reviews)

Changes to the site…

I’ve been into photography on and off since I was in my early teens and I had free reign of my father’s Canon FT QL 35mm film camera. When digital cameras became affordable I bought a Kodak DX3900 and loved it. It documented my life for 6 years, it was a great point a shoot that took decent pictures.

Fast forward to Christmas 2006, my wife bought my a Nikon D50, my first SLR digital camera. It was my baby and I loved it. I took roughly 15,000 pictures with that camera and it served me very well. This year I got a Nikon D7000 and became more interested in improving my skill as a photographer. As a result I’ve started to take pictures that I feel are worthy of putting online.

I used to keep this blog separate from my personal life and purely technical in nature, but as a result I rarely posted on here. The post deficit became worse when we had our first child, all of a sudden the little time I had for my computer hobby transitioned into the odd hour here and there. Since the site is basically here to document my hobbies I’ve decided to add photography to the blog, since my photography seems to be taking priority over my computer hobby time.

I want to find a better WordPress theme, something with a dark background that’s more suited to photo viewing. I will also be looking to integrate my flickr photostream into the site. Anyway, just wanted to let the two people who actually follow my site RSS know that I will be posting more and not always technical in nature.