View hardware detail in FreeBSD

If you’re running FreeBSD and need to find out information about the physical hardware the system is running on the following commands may be helpful to you.

atacontrol list # Show ATA devices
camcontrol devlist -v # Show SCSI devices
pciconf -l -cv # Show PCI devices
sysctl hw.model # CPU model
sysctl hw # Gives a lot of hardware information
sysctl hw.ncpu # number of active CPUs installed
sysctl vm # Memory usage
sysctl hw.realmem # Hardware memory
sysctl -a | grep mem # Kernel memory settings and info
sysctl dev # Configured devices
usbdevs -v # Show USB devices

There is also a handy script I use called memconf that will give you detailed memory information on a variety of *NIX OS’s, on FreeBSD you will need to install dmidecode which can be found in the ports tree..