3Ware Escalade controllers on FreeBSD

At work I maintain a couple large (2+TB) ATA raid servers running FreeBSD 4.x. As with any RAID setup, one important aspect is monitoring the raid status. Historically to use 3ware Raid cards in freebsd I’ve use the 3dm port from the freebsd ports archive. A couple months ago while doing a portsupgrade I noticed that the 3dm port was depricated.

I went to the 3ware site to see if there was a replacement utility for freebsd and sure enough they have a 3dm2 package availible for download. One thing to note is the 3ware site is not well layed out, it took me 15 mins of searching to actually find the download link for 3dm2. Once downloaded I simply ran the installer and edited the /etc/3dm2/3dm2.conf to reflect my preferences and started the deamon. The 3dm2 installer put the apropriate rc files in /etc (/etc/rc.3dm2 ) for me so there was no need to edit anything to have it start on boot.

I have to say that the web interface is much improved, recently I was able to rebuild and array that had a flakey disk via this utility and everything went smoothly. When it comes to ATA raid, 3ware is definatly leading the way.