Keeping notes

I’ve been an on again off again note keeper since my teens. It seems I start keeping notes and then I lose my notebook or forget it at home and just end up using sticky notes or note pads which fall apart and end up in the trash.

For the new year I’m going to attempt to re-kindle my note-taking efforts in an attempt to make my life better organized. I’m hoping this will help me achieve some of the goals I have set out for myself, both personally and professionally.

Right now I’m trying to decide between different notebooks and what the ideal size might be. For simple note taking a small pocket notebook would be ideal but I find they cause me hand cramps if I do any real volume of writing. The flip side is that if I go too big I’m apt to leave it on my desk at home.

I’m going to go out at lunch tomorrow to see what I can find, I’ll do a followup post if I find something I like.

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  1. I use google keep but I find phone keyboards annoying to type on, I always seem to go back to paper. Lately I’ve been using regular lined notepads but they fall apart too easily.

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