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I know php gallery has been around forever but I just added it to this weekend to handle all the media and I’m VERY impressed. I’ve always used IDS and it’s worked well for me but due to the fact that it’s perl/cgi and it resizes on the fly it tends to be quite a resource hog.

Gallery’s upload tools are quite impressive as well. Also the fact that I was able to include the php headers and footers we already had to ‘nest’ gallery was a bonus. The gallery looks almost native to the rest of the site!

One item I noted, ImageMagick lacks support for Jpeg and PNG files by default in FreeBSD. To compile in support for these you need to do the following:

vi /etc/make.conf and add
Save and exit
cd /usr/ports/graphics/ImageMagick/
make deinstall clean
make reinstall clean

Once that’s complete Gallery shouldn’t complain.

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