Fujifilm discontinues FP-3000B B&W instant film

So this summer I finally got a polaroid back for my Mamiya RZ67 camera (aka the brick). After being mildly disappointed with the films from the Impossible Project in a $3 polaroid 600 camera I’ve started shooting the two remaining peel apart instant films with my Mamiya. Fujifilm FP-100C (iso 100 colour) and FP-3000B (iso 3000 B&W) are both pretty awesome.

FP-100C has rich warm tones which I really enjoy.

Playing with nana

And FP-3000B produces a super contrasty positive and a sharper, less contrasty negative which can easily be scanned with a typical flatbed scanner.

Afternoon Snack

Of course, now that I’ve grown fond of this type of photography Fujifilm has announced the upcoming discontinuation of FP-3000B. I’m sure FP-100C can’t be far behind. I’ve already missed the boat on shooting FP-100B which was discontinued a few years ago.

I get why they’re doing this, you can’t sell something that doesn’t make money if you want to survive but I’m really bummed out by it. I guess I’m going to spend the majority of my film budget stocking up on FP-3000B.

EDIT: If you are sad about the end of FP-3000B, please go here and sign the petition. I’m not sure if it will have an effect but it’s worth a shot.