231 Watts of HP-UX Glory

I recently bought a UPM EM100 power meter to get an idea of how much power my gear consumes. My little server room consists of my P3 NAS server, a Sun Ultra 5, misc switching hardware and my HP Visualize C3000 Workstation. Normally I don’t run the HP box because it heats up my little closet quite a bit but I ran it for a couple hours tonight to see how much total power those boxes use. All the gear running consumes 346 Watts of power (ouch!) but with the HP box turned off the total is only 115 watts. I guess that’s why it heats up the closet, it consumes 231 Watts of power!

On a side note my MythTV box consumes a paltry 42 Watts of power. I guess I’m not too worried about how much power my office consumes!

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