Holding the floor down, IBM style

I finally received my newest e-bay purchase, an RS/6000 server to hone my AIX kung-foo with. IBM doesn’t mess around when they build a box, this RS/6000 server has to weigh at least 75 lbs. It’s the heaviest box I own and prob one of the slowest since it only has a 603e (think 90’s power mac) processor at 200Mhz. I think I paid $65 for it plus shipping. Not bad at all, cheaper than a decent AIX book.

It’s surprisingly quiet… until the SCSI disks spin up, they sound like 25 year old MFM drives. They are plain old 80 pin SCA disks so I will have to replace them with some quiet ones I have here. Should make for a fun project over the next few weeks.