Almost a year since my last post!

Yikes, almost a year since I updated the blog, going to make a concerted effort to put one post up a week. We’ll see how long that lasts. 😛

On the retro computing front I’ve been purging a lot of my collection as I don’t seem to have the free time to pursue hobbies lately. Most of my time seems to be consumed with work and being a dad. A lot of it was junk really and life is too short to horde old computer hardware. I will admit that after working on computers all day my desire to work on old machines is diminished.

I do still have an assortment of older machines, maybe 10 or so. A recent acquisition is an Osbourne One luggable for $2, has CP/M and bunch of software and seems to work well.

On the photography side I’ve made some good acquisitions. I picked up a Mamiya 645 Super with two lenses, power winder and accessories along with the original boxes. I also received a Mamiya RZ67 as a gift with a lens and waist level viewfinder. I also got myself a new Induro 214AT tripod and Manfrotto 498RC2 ball head. 2013 is the year of 120 roll film for me although I’m still shooting some digital and 35mm film.

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